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Environmental protection promote dehydrated vegetables prices to be higher


The market price of dehydrated vegetables in China will be higher because of the government regulation on environment protection.

1. Government regulation on environment protection.

It is very strict this year and the regulation is started from Jiangsu Province where the output of dehydrated vegetables accounts for 50%-60% of China. And then will be all over the China .The environment protection department already inform the factories to stop producing till new sewage treatment plant put into use but the sewage treatment plant is not started to establish now! But it is not easy and need at least one year to finish this project.

So during this period, if factory make production ,the government will impose a lot of fines on factories ,No one want to run risk ,because of less profit on dehydrated vegetables.

 The factory CEOs and government officers have meetings these days and talk about how to deal this matter. I think it also needs a lot of meetings to get agreement.

2. Possible trend of dehydrated vegetables market prices

From above information, it would be a cold winter on the market of dehydrated vegetables this year. Material will be limited and the price will be higher. Maybe it will lead not only the Chinese market but also other countries market prices to be higher.

3. Our suggestion

At present some factories still have some stock ,so if  importer just need the AD vegetables ( AD carrot, bell pepper ,cabbage, tomato, potato, leek ,chive ,spring onion ,beet roots etc) all the year around ,we suggest to place order as soon as possible, or you can tell your supplier which products and what quantity you will buy this year and let them to make production or purchase for you soon.

4. Garlic price

The information above is only for dehydrated vegetables, NOT including garlic. Because Jiangsu province is the main area of AD vegetables production and Shandong province is the main area for garlic .The Environment protection government already make the regulation in Shandong province in the year of 2016 and 2017 ,all factories of AD garlic are according to the new law to make production now.

The new crop garlic harvest is coming and raw material is in good quality and quantity, so the price will be much less this year. Lots of buyers oversea are waiting for new crop and new prices.

Hope all the buyer and seller to get more profit in the coming new crop season, come on, 2018!


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