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Dehydrated garlic Market report of 2017 new crop in June


Market price of garlic increased this time not because of the speculators, just market adjustment of the price and demand.

In fact ,the market price dropped so much in the past month ,it is not normal ,you know the farmers only sell at RMB1.6/KG after harvest ,and this is not enough for the cost of planting the garlic. A lot of person said the garlic will be in a big quantity and farmers are afraid that they cannot sold out ,so they sell most of the harvest garlic in May ,which lead price down .

You know eating fresh garlic is very popular for Chinese people, each person will consume about 4 kg per month and there are 1 billion 300 million peopleso you can calculate that only Chinese market need 500,000-600,000MT garlic per month!!!

In fact ,market in China and all over the world need Chinese garlic in big quantity , such as fresh garlic ,salt garlic ,dehydrated garlic ,black garlic ,garlic oil , this is not enough for the world's consumption .Especially at the situation of bad raw material stock last year , there is nearly no stock of old crop garlic in china market I think the same situation in Europe ,USA ,Brazil, etc. which are the biggest demand of garlic .

So in this situation, garlic price increased again is normal, and it’s not need to be surprised.

Hope all clear for you


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