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Freeze-dried vegetables will become the main direction of development of dehydrated vegetables


Dehydrated vegetables particularly common in china, especially in rural areas where the bamboo shoots, dried mushrooms, dried peppers, dried mushrooms and so on, but these are used off dry vegetables earlier than conventional drying, drying methods. With the advances in modern food processing technology, microwave drying, vacuum freeze-drying used in the food industry, dehydrated vegetable processing is becoming part of the rural economic growth. From the international market, a higher price freeze-dried vegetables, the average price is above the price of hot-air dehydrated vegetables five times, and has become the main direction of development of dehydrated vegetables.

      Dried vegetables dried and artificial methods are natural dehydration categories.Artificial dehydration include hot air drying, microwave drying, puffing dried, infrared and far-infrared drying, vacuum drying and the like. Dehydrated vegetables, dried currently apply more hot air drying dehydrated and freeze-vacuum dehydration, freezing vacuum dehydration method is currently an advanced method of dried dehydrated vegetables, fresh vegetables product can retain the original color, smell, taste, shape, and has the ideal fast rehydration.
Freeze-dried dehydrated vegetables, the first astronaut rations in order to improve research and development. In "Apollo" aviation program, NASA astronauts in space to solve the vitamin supplements you can eat vegetables, dehydrated vegetables frozen technology invention. The technology is to take off excess water contained in vegetables, and fresh vegetables contained in chlorophyll and vitamins can still save, easy storage, storage, transport. Cold dehydration treatment to remove almost all of the food in the water, and it reduces the weight by 20%, while retaining 98% of food nutrients.
It is understood that China's output of dehydrated vegetables accounted for more than half the world's total, and the average annual growth rate of over 20%.Development of freeze-dried food, can the rich agricultural resources deep processing of value-added, export earning. The data show that exports of Lianyungang in Jiangsu Province is the largest vegetable area, there are currently nearly 30 enterprises export vegetables, including dehydrated vegetables business five, mainly exported to Southeast Asia, the United States, European Union, South Korea and other countries and regions. The first seven months of total exports of dehydrated vegetables in Lianyungang Region 119 batches of 3420.80 tons, the value of $ 30,054,000, compared with the same period last year increased 65.28%, respectively, 105.34% and 387.34%, an increase is particularly significant.
Although China's dehydrated vegetables occupy half of the international market, but fewer species, narrow range, the whole industry is still in a lower level, pending further growth.
Currently, some developed countries through the dehydrated vegetables, frozen vegetables, etc. vegetable processing, processing capacity of its reserves and has accounted for 80% of the total vegetable production. China, as the world's first vegetable-producing countries, but only thousands of vegetable processing enterprises, but small scale, backward technology and processing equipment, the product structure is quite unreasonable. Dehydrated vegetables which just over 20 categories, more than 30 varieties, compared with the thousands of varieties of vegetables on our country, too narrow. Meanwhile, a large high-grade dehydrated vegetables on the international market are produced by vacuum refrigeration equipment, while China currently only a few manufacturers can produce such high-grade dehydrated vegetables.
To sum up the appeal, although our country dehydrated vegetables production and sales in the international community are far ahead, but slightly less technically. Future, with high-end equipment manufacturing vacuum freeze dehydrated vegetables, is a good choice for business transformation and upgrading. Related food processing machinery enterprises have to seize market opportunities, help our dehydrated vegetables industry to flourish.


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