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garlic flakes without roots

About Garlic: About two thousand years ago, garlic was brought into China from West Asia and now outputs of Chinese garlic share about 70% markets and 60% planting base on the world. Chinese garlic was famous as high allicin and good quality. Garlic was not only your necessary spice in your kitchen but also could ward off evil spirits, improve blood circulation, increase vitality and strengthen eyesight. Dried garlic keeps nutrition and the characteristic of fresh garlic flavor with long shelf time. 

Dried Garlic flakes


1. Color: nature white, light yellow

2. Style: without root and with root.

3. Thickness: 0.8-1.6,1.6-2.2mm, 0.1mm-3mm or as request 

4. Moisture: 6%max 

5. Taste: pungent

6. Ash: 5%max

7. Grade: A, B

8. Packing: 10kg/bag, with 2 bags in a carton or as customers’ requests.

9. Salmonella: negative

10. Total plant count: MAX 100000pcs/g.

11. Coliform bacteria: 50pcs/g.

12. E.coil: negative.

13. Additive: absent

14. Sugar: No added

13. Packing: Inner package: double-decked plastic bag, 20kg/bag.

       Outer package: carton.

Technical process:

Choose Material, peeled, washing, drying, selected, cutting, packing.



Lower SO2, microbial detection approved

Without pesticide residue, additive and preservatives, and satisfactory shell-life

Antiviral and antifungal activity 

Moisture: 6%max



Used as the seasoning and the main material for fast food.         

Condiment and healthy products. Anti-bacterial.


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