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shitake granules

Shiitake(scientific name: Lentinus edodes) Is a kind of edible fungi. Common edible part is mushrooms fruitbody. Fresh mushrooms dehydrate to form dry mushrooms for easy transportation and preservation. Fresh and dried shiitakes are widely used in Chinese dishes.

Shiitake is rich in high protein, low fatty, sugar, multi-amino acids and Multiple Vitamin-Mineral.


1. improve the intestinal flora,and improve immunity

2.Slow down aging

3.preventing and resisting cancer.

4.Lowering blood pressure, reducing blood fat and cholesterol

5.Do therapeutic action on diabetes, tuberculosis, infectious hepatitis, neuritis.




  Dehydrated Shiitake granules



1) Size: 3x3, 8x8mm, as requested

2) Color: brown

3) Moisture: 8% max




1) Total plate count:       <100,000 cfu/g

2) Yeast and Mould:        <500 cfu/g

3) Coliform:               <500 cfu/g

4) Pathogenic bacterium:    Negative


Packing: Inner double PE bags and outside cartons, 20kg/carton

Loading: 3MT/20FCL


The size and packing of products can depend on buyers' requirements.


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