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roasted garlic granules

Product Description


1.    1.    Product description

Product name

Roasted Garlic Minced 8-16 mesh ,16-26 mesh ,26-40 mesh ,40-80 mesh

Physical description

Product consists of fresh, clean, sound garlic (Allium sativum L.) which is trimmed, peeled and carefully dehydrated.Then  grinding and roasted. The product should be prepared in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).

The product is suitable for vegan, ovo-lacto vegetarian and lacto vegetarian consumption.

Supplier's product name

Roasted Garlic Minced

Ingredient list

100% garlic

Species and processing description

Dehydrated garlic prepared from fresh, mature and clean wholesome bulb of the perennial plant Allium sativum L. Cuting,peeling,washed, cleaned, sliced and hot air dried,re-drying,then grinding and roasted.

Country of origin/ harvest





1.    Product packaging

Primary packaging

Sealed Aluminium Foil Bag/ 12.5KgX2 bags in a carton

Secondary packaging



Standard Label-ling or Conform with customers labeling instructions

Net unit weight


kg minimum

Brut unit weight


kg minimum

Shelf life



Storage conditions

store cool, dry and out of direct sunlight in unopened packaging

Shelf life storage relative humidity


% maximum



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